I Heart Brothas is this sista's visual love letter to Black Men. This is a labor of love, where I hope to show my sincere gratitude, admiration, and appreciation for your masculinity, sensuality, intelligence, passion, sense of humor and purpose, endurance, and strength.

It is also a place for me to express my lifelong love and appreciation for photography that captures the essense of Black Men, created by all types, amateurs and professionals, men and women of all ages, Black and White and all shades in between.

Oh - and one more thing: I love quotes. Lots and lots of quotes. I try to feature quotes by black people, but it's turning out that I'll feature a quote by a person irrespective of his/her race because the connection with the deeper meaning of the quote was made.

At any rate, y'all beautiful brothas make it worth my while to open my eyes every morning and get out of bed. Thank you Lord.
The Lesson. on Flickr.
  1. The Lesson. on Flickr.

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